Monday, March 4, 2013

Balsamiq Building

Little note before I start with the actual assignment, the internet at home as been pretty unpredictable for the past week and a half and will drop at random times, which would require me to restart the router/modem for it to work... Both are in my parents' room which I don't have access to after 9 PM. So doing homework at night proved to be difficult. The electronic deities haven't been very nice to me recently...

ANYWAY... On to this Week 6's assignment!

STEP 1: Revisiting the Heuristic Evaluation Results

Martin didn't really list specifically labeled HE critiques in his evaluation blog about my app, but I understood what could be changed. I think seeing what Balsamiq had to offer helped me redesign a few things.
  • Instead of reloading the screen with a warning for a wrong date error, I used a pop up alert
  • I moved the Previous and Next Fact buttons closer to the fact, away from the main navigation buttons
  • I was going to put a X out of X facts for each date between the Previous and Next buttons, but left it out in the balsamiq since I'm not going to add so many slides to change the number.
    (Although, in hindsight, I could have just put "#/#" as a place holder. Well, a bit too lazy to go back and edit, export, and upload again...)
    Nevermind, I redid it.
  • I decided against putting a picture since it's supposed to be a simple blurb about the fact. Details/pictures can be found at the source if people really are that curious about it.

STEP 2: Start Designing

I rather enjoyed using Balsamiq. It was pretty easy to use (and my copy & paste worked for the text, but not the elements themselves). I had a bit of trouble finding where to export as a PDF, but eventually I found it.
The actual Share button on the Sharing option slide doesn't work as it's supposed to lead to the appropriate app.
(Don't scroll through the slides; they're very out of order since they were made once they popped into my head/in order to keep consistency).


  1. Great work, I recorded you some video feedback Don't forget to assess yourself and one peer using the self & peer assessment form

    1. The image on the start screen was supposed to be some sort of logo. I guess I'm thinking too much in a website-based design by including a description from the start, ignoring the fact that the audience probably gets a description upon downloading the app, so they would already know what the app does.