Monday, February 11, 2013

Curing the Queue: Part Two - Executing

Oh shoot! I didn't post this, did I? Busy, busy, busy...

Welp, here are the results:
Raf trying out the app.
Changed the app a bit since I forgot to bring the 2/4 one to school.
Ended up making one for 2/7. (Happy birthday to Charles Dickens and Monopoly!)

Melvin trying it out and... posing interestingly.

I ended up trying out my Fact app on three friends, two pictured above are Raf and Melvin, respectively (Melvin's a bit of a ham).

I didn't explain to them what the app was about and they found it pretty easy to navigate.

There was a few suggestions/questions brought up:
  1.  Create a back button to see previous facts
  2. Shortcut on fact screen to go to change to date, skipping the home screen altogether
  3. Is there a limit on facts? 
  4. How many facts are there?
  5. Credit?
  6. Label month and date on Change Date App
  7. Add reddit and stumbleupon to share page
As a bonus, I showed Raf my Pizza app which he was generally interested in since he's an English major. I explained to him that I was thinking if this were to be developed as an app, how would it be possible to monitor what words can be accepted or not in the means of relating to the first word (first letter is easy by using if situations). After questioning that as well, he showed me a letter jumbling app that incorporated famous writers like Shakespeare, Homer, and Emily Dickens to be your "avatar" and fight other players or monsters. The bigger the word you develop, the stronger the attack. I thought that was a fun way to involve an interesting element to a simple word jumble game.

I also liked Allison's comments on the Part One blog about "with friends" which made me think of Words with friends. It could be played between two players, but that would mean waiting for the other person to respond like in Words with Friends or Draw Something. There could be an option to play the computer then to immediately pass the time.

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  1. good pictures, good list of questions. Did you play LetterPress? That's an interesting word game with collaboration

    BTW, great to see you respond to allison's comment, although it might increase chance of allison seeing it if you responded in the comment section of your previous blog? Then again who knows. I mention it partly because it's related to "awareness" in interface design, which is totally critical and in some ways, who knows? Will Allison have clicked the blogger "subscribe by email" link so that she gets notified of you responding to your comment there? Perhaps she will be following your blog on an RSS feed and so will have better awareness of your blog posts rather than any of the comments? Perhaps if you linked from your blog post to the direct URL of her comment? That last wouldn't help her find the response, but might help others see the context of your comment. Sorry, I don't mean to bombard you - unfortunately there's no perfect right answer here, but important to keep considering how others awareness - perhaps here notifying Allison of the response to her comment is not so critical ... okay I'm babbling again - great work all the same :-)