Friday, February 22, 2013


So, as you noticed, I haven't posted Week 4's assignment because my computer has decided to be a butt -- excuse my lack of better word.

I'm currently taking MULT 3910 Advance Motion Graphics, which means I need After Effects. It's a program I've never used before until this class and the professor has be recommending me to try the video tutorials.

Sooooo, I went home and tried to download the trial of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Edition off of the Adobe site. After two hours of having to download the Adobe Installer, I tried install the programs I needed like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, and After Effects. 2% into the download, it gives me an error. TO GOOGLE I WENT!

I found out that CS6 doesn't support Snow Leopard OSX 10.4-whatever I had... And unfortunately I need it, at least closer to my fingertips at home instead of squatting at the Downtown Campus computer lab for hours to work on my projects...

I'm pretty sure I stated how much I loathe Mountain Lion in a previous Skype interact, but I basically put on my big girl pants and shelled out $20 for the update so I could get a free trial of these darn programs. (And I figured I can download that iPhone OS simulator from a previous assignment.)

SO. DOWNLOAD IT I DID -- This was on Thursday night.
And immediately hated it. Tried to change as many settings as I could back to what I was familiar with in Snow Leopard before trying to redownload anything.

After I could get as comfortable as I could with the deadline of my project quickly approaching, I attempted to download CS6 again. But, guess what? After 2% I get the same error.

Maaaan, was I ticked off. I didn't even want to use my computer anymore.

Immediately I wanted to go back to Snow Leopard. I googled how to downgrade, which involves backing up EVERYTHING, which I don't have the time for, not to mention I don't have all the discs for progams anymore INCLUDING Snow Leopard since my parents cleaned my room while I was in Florida.

It was time for school on Friday, where I spent about 4 hours in the lab trying to figure out After Effects by myself and get 10 second video done. I was mentally drained from being stressed out over all of that.

Soooo, I took the weekend to mentally repair myself. I didn't even touch my computer all that weekend and any facebook update was made via phone.

I'm still trying to get used to this dumb system and I'm still finding things that shouldn't have been omitted for Mountain Lion (like battery time, command+alt+control+8 for inverted colors - it helps with the battery, the different finger swipes for revealing things, keyboard shortcuts, etc. etc.). I think the only thing I like about it is the new way to use Spaces.

I'll get it done. It'll be my next blog post.


  1. totally with you :-) thanks so much for sharing. I'm not a big fan of mountain lion and put off upgrading for as long as I could. Teaching mobile with iOS6 out was what pushed me over the edge. I got it on the new MBP which I think mollifies the battery time issue, but I still keep doing funny things with the track pad swipes, and almost accidentally restarting it due to the keyboard layout issues I blogged about You have my sincere sympathies. Apple seems to be incentivized to put pressure on us to buy their new hardware. I'm not sure there's any way round it - although I'm thinking about the new chrome books, but then again Google may just morph into Apple ... :-/

    1. I'm still doing the old trackpad swipes and getting irritated when it doesn't work out. Today I found out I couldn't watch the digital downloads I got from my BluRay combo packs don't work with Quicktime, which I'm much comfortable with for watching movies on since iTunes takes FOREVER to load. I ended up downloading an application called Mountain Tweaks so I could get rid/regain features like the rubber band effect in browsers (except Safari, dang it) and repeating keys respectively. (Because apparently, even though there's a key repeat customization option in the System Preferences, Mountain Lion doesn't allow repeating characters when a key, other than backspace, is held down.) I'm pretty sure I will continue to shake my fist at Mountain Lion for as long as I have it.

      I was totally fine with Snow Leopard until I had to use CS6 for a class I didn't necessarily need to take, but, as explained in my intro post, I had to because my required class wasn't available. (Like this class.)

      Anyway, I was able to write the blog post in full for week 4.

      Week 5 is up as well.