Sunday, May 12, 2013

Classifying Components

4ourth Mobile created an article based patterns used to Display Information and out assignment this week was to blog about two of those patterns.

Vertical List

This is a screenshot from the Android version of the Starbucks app as shown on my Droid 4. It features a vertical list, specifically a thumbnail list since it has thumbnails of each card that's a part of the user's account with accompanying data that shoes the amount in the card, name of the card and last 4-digits (blurred), as well as the date it was last used. The icon to the right of the data allows the user to change the order of cards by holding and dragging their selection up or down.


This screenshot features the Friends list for the LINE PLAY app and it uses a grid pattern to display players' avatars along with usernames labeling each one. It scrolls vertically and is arranged alphabetically by username. Small icons show if they're new friends (small red circle with 'N') and whether or not they're official avatars (owned/promoted by company; not shown). Clicking on an avatar brings up a Popup menu that features the full avatar and choices for the user to interact with their friends.

I wanted to add these screenshots to the 4ourth mobile wiki, but unfortunately I can't figure out the TextCha answer, or the network would time out.

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