Monday, May 6, 2013

Pardon my Portfolio...

I never did get a chance to show off any of my personal work, so I guess now's a time to do it as I rest my brain a bit from all this mobile design talk.

Unfortunately I don't have SUPER recent stuff nor are they all in one place, but I'll show what I have.

First up, I have a web-based portfolio featuring illustrations, graphic design works, and a video. The site itself was created during my 2011 Spring semester at HPU through Natalie Lewis's Web Design class. We were able to upload our final versions of it our project onto her server. Unfortunately, it's been so long since I've touched it that I've forgotten the password in order to upload more recent things. The works featured are from 2008-2011. My resume as of Spring 2011 is also there.
Majority of the graphics were class assignments. Illustrations were more for fun and presents for friends. The video was a video project in which we had to create a music video. I chose "Mario Kart Love Song" by Sam Hart, who I'm friends with.

Next is a 30-second rather unfinished flash animation (CAUTION: IT'S ON AUTOPLAY) I did during Spring 2012 in Natalie Lewis's Web Design with Flash course. This was my first experience with Flash. The backgrounds were created with Photoshop. It's a fraction of a deleted song from the Disney film Aladdin called "Proud of Your Boy". In an earlier version of the movie, Aladdin had a mother character whom he longed to be a better person for instead of what he was now. That song was about his thoughts on it and basically him apologizing to her for being who he is.

And last is my index of projects for my HTML & Web Design class I took during Fall 2012 while I was still in Florida working at Walt Disney World. So, using my resources, I made my final project as a web-based map of the Magic Kingdom. Every photo featured in the Mouse Maps project was taken by me/was taken with my personal camera. The layout is very similar to my portfolio I made in 2011.


  1. You've got lots of great material here. What you need to do is make sure you can edit your portfolio to include new material like the project for this class. I recommend getting set up with portfolio hosting independent of HPU in order to make sure you have somewhere to keep portfolio materials that you will be able to reliably access. Weebly or Google Sites might be good options ...

    1. Weebly seems interesting. I might check that out. A few years ago I experimented with MoonFruit, but I forget if they stick more to the layouts they have already preset or allow the users to play with HMTL or build it up from scratch.