Monday, May 6, 2013

Have another Heuristic

Looks like we're reviewing prototypes once again via Heuristic Evaluation and Severity Ratings just like Week 7 and Week 5.

Since I'm still a Designer, I'll be reviewing another Programmer's Balsamiq and this week I've chosen Jeff's. (7:58)

Aesthetic and minimalist design (I meant that instead of  Flexibility and efficiency of use in the video)
  • Streamlining by eliminating extra functions that seem redundant such as keeping Requests under Friends, Trades under Marketplace, and Chat under Inbox. (Severity Rating: 1.5)
Match between system and the real world
  •  I like that it's similar to what a previous version of Facebook looks like, so it's familiar and makes navigation easier. (Severity Rating: 0)
Consistency and standards
  • Not really sure what the search bar is for in the profile unless it's ultimately for searching for specific shoes within the profile or the same search for the Marketplace? (Severity Rating: 2
User Control and Freedom
  • Inbox needs a New Message, assuming right now the only way to start a new message is exiting out of the Inbox then going into the Friends list/Marketplace to get contact information then send a message. (Severity Rating: 3)

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